Call-Out for Idea Submissions - re: “It All Comes Back To The Land” 


We are a “land-library” cooperative called Biblioterre - a friend-group of Settler-Canadian- identifying environmentalists (farmers, gardeners, arborists, social workers, activists, etc.), residing in unceded Algonquin territory within the Canadian state provinces of Quebec and Ontario. Our intention is to manage an inclusive and accessible landbase for diverse projects, and for people who share in our principles of Equitability, Natural Responsibility, Holistic Health, and Indigenous Allyship. 


Biblioterre is working to purchase arable and forested Land in Algonquin Anishinaabeg territory, near the Te-nagàdino-zìbi a.k.a. Gatineau River in 2020-1. We plan to make 1/2 of the landbase available for Algonquin-led (status or non-status) initiatives. We are currently seeking proposals from groups and individuals, from across the Algonquin Nation, interested in participating in shared land stewardship. Biblioterre would love to support (for example)


Traditional Teaching Retreats

Outdoor/Experiential Learning

Youth camps

Spaces to host Elders and Knowledge Keepers

Anishinaabemowin/Algonquin language house

Fasting & Spiritual Cleansing

Medicine Walks


Traditional arts & craft-making

Traditional agriculture and plant propagation

Ceremonies & Celebrations

Cultural events

Cultural Centre and Gathering space

Traditional systems of governance training

Restorative Justice Circles


Ecosystem remediation/restoration projects

Long-term nature conservation/Land trusts

Artist residencies

Workshops, concerts, performances, exhibitions

Employment Centre

Support Groups

Health & Wellness retreats


Accommodations for travelers and

Other possibilities.


Make Your Pitch to or write us for more information. Tell us Who you Are and What your idea IS.... 


Coopérative Biblioterre


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