How It Works

Biblioterre is a cooperative that aims to manage a parcel of agricultural and forested land for the benefit of the land itself, the co-op’s members, and surrounding rural and urban communities. Biblioterre intends to offer various land-based resources to its members, such as an agricultural incubator program, affordable and ecological worker residence options, and an accessible network of tool and resource libraries. These resources will support all members to run their unique projects and businesses on-site. Creatively, we refer to the entirety of this project as a “land library”.

What is a Land Library?

A land library is an attempt to take the "ownership" out of Land; to recognize that it is not something to possess, but something that gives to us and that we give back to in return.

“Land Library” is another way of saying “We’re a group of friends who want to share a big piece of rural land, and share a bunch of our belongings, so that we can have-more-&-buy-less, affording us more quality-time in life, while lightening our ecological footprints.” For the sake of connecting to the Earth and building relationships with our food, we will become better environmentalists by opening up these possibilities for other like-minded people, for everyone who sees their personal happiness as being directly linked to the impacts they make on this beautiful, mysterious planet!

A land library is a place where people can rent land, lease affordable housing, and borrow a wide variety of equipment so that they can run personal and collective projects onsite, and take creative risks at a low cost in all four seasons of the year!

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How Does It Work?

Biblioterre is a solidarity cooperative, supported by members who purchase one-time qualifying shares, pay monthly member dues that fund the common spaces and shared resources, and pay usage fees to lease land and accommodations. Applicants select from three options of member type: 

  • User members support Biblioterre by leasing land and other spaces or by supporting Biblioterre-run business, such as by purchasing CSA baskets of co-op-grown produce. 

  • Worker members support Biblioterre by establishing leasable spaces for the benefit of user members, and common spaces for the benefit of all members. Worker members also hold two types of preference shares: start-up shares that finance part of the initial land purchase, and annual operations shares that proactively finance the costs of operations during the co-op’s establishment years. 

  • Support members contribute in an off-site capacity through monthly due payments and by helping to govern Biblioterre towards its long-term aspirations. They may also be volunteers or visitors to the land.

We Need Your Support Today!

Introduction Package

If you would like to learn more about Biblioterre's vision, foundational initiatives, member benefits & duties, and ways to get involved, then please read our introduction documents.



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