Foundational Initiatives

Sovereign Space:

In acknowledgement of unceded Algonquin traditional territory, and in gratitude for the land on which Biblioterre hopes to reside, we intend to make available one half of the land (an equitable division of access to all land and water features) for Algonquin leadership & use (with openness to people from other Indigenous backgrounds), and for Biblioterre to serve a supportive role with responsibility for all land fees and taxes. Though to start, Biblioterre will technically “own” the land, it will be considered sovereign in spirit, practice, and, potentially in the future, legally. This means that any Biblioterre policies or agreements will not apply to this space, and that members of Biblioterre may only access this space given explicit invitation by the sovereign space leadership. This initiative will be built organically through friendships, with patience, open communication, and commitments to ongoing learning. 

Image by Lou Levit
Image by Juan Davila

Ecosystem Restoration:

The Outaouais is a region that includes beautiful forests and stunning landscapes, though much of it has been heavily logged since the early 1800s. The rapid removal of much of the old growth tree population has impacted the overall health of these forests, including the understory species, and the biodiversity supported therein. 

Biblioterre aims to create a loving and mutually beneficial relationship with a piece of land, by participating in ecosystem restoration, reforestation, native and endangered plant propagation, advanced succession, and assisted migration. This also includes creating a safe space for all animals. In order to reciprocate the gifts that nature has given us, Biblioterre seeks land in need of nurturing.

Library Program:

To reduce the collective ecological footprint and economic overhead of Biblioterre, libraries of tools, media, and infrastructure will be made available for all members. A land library, consisting of common permaculture gardens and ecological restoration sites, will provide a venue for members and outside groups to engage and experiment with regenerative agriculture and climate change mitigation techniques, in a low-risk and low-cost environment. 

Image by Hitoshi Suzuki
Image by Dan Gold

Agriculture Incubator Program:

To remedy the high-land prices and low-income realities of modern day agriculture, Biblioterre intends to offer affordable and supportive access to land and shared farming equipment for the establishment of new and innovative agricultural businesses. 

Affordable Worker’s Housing:

Biblioterre intends to offer access to affordable worker housing for its onsite members. While adhering to municipal and provincial by-laws and building codes, Biblioterre strives to offer a variety of worker housing options, from private rooms and apartments, to mobile and tiny homes, to leasable building plots for members who wish to construct their own dwelling.

Image by Cara Fuller


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