Biblioterre is a cooperative that aims to manage a parcel of agricultural and forested Land for the benefit of the Land itself, as well as for the co-op’s members and the surrounding rural and urban communities. Biblioterre intends to offer various land-based resources to its members, such as an agricultural incubator program, affordable and ecological worker residence options, and an accessible network of tool and resource libraries. These resources will support all members to run their unique projects and businesses on-site. Creatively, we refer to the entirety of this project as a “land library”.

"The genetic information of a mother tree is perhaps the most important living library there is."

Diana Beresford-Kroeger

Our Vision

Biblioterre is a land library cooperative aspiring to demonstrate ecologically sustainable and equitable ways of living, with respect for inherent Indigenous sovereignty and cultural revitalization, and with responsibility towards all life on earth.

We aim to provide a land base for projects that are aligned with our vision while helping people to explore their role in nature.


Natural Responsibility

As caretakers of the Earth and all living beings affected by human behaviour, we intend to prioritize the needs of the Land by engaging in ecosystem restoration, biodiversity protection and regenerative food production, while providing a venue for people to deepen their relationship with nature. We plan to dedicate 1/4 of the landbase for ecological restoration, to support the life and habitat that these forests provide. 

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Through sociocracy, we intend to use non-violent communication while working collaboratively to practice non-hierarchical and consent-based decision-making. We aim to become aware of our individual privileges and biases, and work towards a social model that considers the nuances of each individual’s identities and lived experiences, and puts words into actions. Aiming to approach projects and activities through an intersectional lens, we intend to be inclusive and accessible to outside communities. This includes creating a safe space for all animals and humans, regardless of race, gender, ability, sexuality, ethnicity, class, and age.


Indigenous Allyship

As non-Indigenous people residing upon traditional Algonquin land, unceded, and without treaty; we intend, in our project, to: seek consent and listen to the needs and feelings of Indigenous peoples; seek collaboration and consent to evolve our community practices of Natural Responsibility. 

Holistic Health

We would like to recognize and prioritize the interrelationships between a healthy planet, a healthy community, a healthy mind, and a healthy body. We seek projects and collaborations that promote healing justice and address how generations of trauma and systemic violence and oppression impact individual and community health.

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