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An Intentional Community Near Wakefield, QC

Update: We are meeting the piece of Land that we will soon call home. Contact us today to become a member or donate. Your support can help make sure this beautiful Land gets protected & stewarded. 

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Biblioterre is an intentional community that aims to offer affordable and low-impact housing, grow healthy food, create permaculture gardens, offer workshops & classes, and support initiatives that bring ecological and social benefits to the greater community. Inspired by the concept of a “land library“, we intend to share the Land and resources with each other, nature, Indigenous communities, and the wider community.

Our Community Goals

Shared Land & Resources

Biblioterre  will offer shared Land, tools, resources, & infrastructure, as well as affordable housing, workshops and classes

Algonquin Sovereign Space

We plan to make 1/2 of the landbase available for Algonquin-led (status or non-status) initiatives.

Ecological Restoration

We plan to dedicate 1/4 of the landbase for ecological restoration, to support the life and habitat that these forests provide.


 Biblioterre offers flexible  membership options. These options are designed to meet your unique needs, and can change over time according to your needs.

We operate as a solidarity coop. Nobody "owns" the Land, though legal ownership is in the name of the cooperative, which is shared and "owned" by members. 

Members can either live onsite, or offsite. The choice is yours. All member types play an equitable role in Biblioterre’s governance

Our Membership Values:


Our aim is to create a safe space for all animals and humans, regardless of race, gender, ability, sexuality, ethnicity, class, and age. We use Sociocracy for our governance & decision-making process. Our members are required to attend trainings in: Indigenous Cultural Competency, Non Violent Communication, Sociocracy, and Anti-oppression.

Natural Responsibility

We intend to prioritize the needs of the Land by engaging in ecosystem restoration, biodiversity protection and regenerative food production, while providing a venue for people to deepen their relationship with nature.

Holistic Health

We recognize and prioritize the interrelationships between a healthy planet, a healthy community, a healthy mind, and a healthy body. We aim to promote healing justice and address how generations of trauma, systemic violence, and oppression impact individual and community health.

Indigenous Allyship

We intend to seek consent and listen to the needs and feelings of Indigenous peoples, communities and individuals; to encourage Algonquin-led use of the Land; and to seek collaboration and consent to evolve our community practices of Natural Responsibility.


"If we want a beloved community, we must stand for justice, have recognition for difference without attaching difference to privilege."

bell hooks

An Indigenous Territorial Land Acknowledgement, Made Physical

Current members of Biblioterre are people who are not Indigenous to these lands. For the most part, we are settler-descendants, people indigenous to other lands, who are residing upon unceded Algonquin traditional territory. In acknowledgement of these truths, and in gratitude for the Land on which Biblioterre hopes to reside, we intend to make available one half of the Land (an equitable division of access to all land and water features) for Algonquin leadership and use (with openness to people from other Indigenous backgrounds), while Biblioterre provides a supportive role with responsibility for all land fees and taxes.

Ecosystems Restoration:

The Outaouais is a region that includes beautiful forests and stunning landscapes, though much of it has been heavily logged since the early 1800s. The rapid removal of much of the old growth tree population has impacted the overall health of these forests, including the understory species, and the biodiversity supported therein. Biblioterre aims to participate in ecosystem restoration, reforestation, native and endangered plant propagation, advanced succession, and assisted migration. This also includes creating a safe space for all animals.

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This project is community funded. Your support is what makes this a reality.

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