We are a land-based cooperative aspiring to demonstrate ecologically sustainable and equitable ways of living; with respect for inherent Indigenous sovereignty and cultural revitalization, and with responsibility as humans towards all life on earth.

Our latest news

Biblioterre joins MAPAQ

Biblioterre joins MAPAQ

December 2020: This month we became an official agricultural operation with MAPAQ! While the snow begins to blow, we are dreaming about the abundance the land will provide for us and the surrounding community next season. From maple syrup, to wild flowers and...

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Our tool library is growing 🙂

Over the course of 2021, several members have donated various tools to our first tool library. Current categories include Farm & Garden, Home Repair, Automotive, Kitchen, and Art! At the same time, friends in the community have kick-started our tool library with...

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Our 4 Pillars:

Natural Responsibility:

As caretakers of the Earth and all living beings affected by human behaviour, we intend to prioritize the needs of the land by engaging in ecosystem restoration, biodiversity protection and regenerative food production, while providing a venue for people to deepen their relationship with nature.


Through sociocracy, we intend to use non-violent communication while working collaboratively to practice non-hierarchical and consent-based decision-making. We aim to become aware of our individual privileges and biases, and work towards a social model that considers the nuances of each individual’s identities. We also aim to approach projects and activities through an intersectional lens with the intention of being inclusive and accessible to outside communities. This includes creating a safe space for all animals and humans, regardless of race, gender, ability, sexuality, ethnicity, class, and age.

Algonquin Allyship:

In acknowledgement of unceded Algonquin traditional territory, and in gratitude for the Land on which Biblioterre resides, we seek advisors from the local Algonquin community to guide initiatives by and for Algonquin people and to lead projects and ceremonies on the Land.

Holistic Health: 

We would like to recognize and prioritize the interrelationships between a healthy planet, healthy relationships, a healthy mind, and a healthy body. We seek projects and collaborations that promote holistic health and social justice and address how generations of trauma and systemic violence and oppression impact individual and community health.

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